Candidate Placement Year after year, referred clients attribute our mutual success to deep market knowledge, a high value, efficient approach, years of a spotless reputation & a consultative & transparent style. Our vast network & references, exponential market reach and an in-depth understanding of business strategy, corporate structure and trending practices afford us intuitive ability to negotiate that perfect alignment of goals between employer & applicant/partner in a discrete, seamless & low-risk manner.


Executive Recruiting
Leverage our 15+ years of success negotiating placements on behalf of individuals, small businesses, large corporations, law & professional services firms. Clients continue to attest to our success in managing high-stakes negotiations for all levels of referrals & strategic hires in professional services and corporate business.

Our core areas include strategy & business executives, enterprise-central services professionals, private practice professionals (attorneys & CPAs) and technology leaders.

Resumes & Branding
Capitalize on our unique blend of professional recruiting & hiring success, intellectual & creative writing skill, composition & artistic aptitude, and proficiency in the latest technology to help you effectively reach the right audience, draw viewers directly to your strengths, and equip you with clean, Internet & application friendly documents and profiles, positioning you for the ideal next step.


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Business Consulting
Our unmatched combination of directing fast-growth HR solutions through business analysis, programs & process improvement, digital content management, full-cycle recruitment, on-boarding & retention strategy, and multi-media company branding results in continually driving your business to the next step.

If you're looking for a consultative, efficient & discreet way to take the next step, whether
expanding your organization or joining
a new one, you're in the right place.